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Men Need a Little Skin Love, Too

Let’s talk about rejuvenation in men. I have a very pretty husband but I am definitely keeping him pretty with skincare and a few minimally invasive procedures. Check him out on my Instagram … isn’t he cute?

So, what do you think is a man’s number one cosmetic concern?

Hair loss, of course!

Medical options include Finasteride/Propecia (please discuss with your dermatologist and PCP as there are side effects) and topical Rogaine. I recommend nutritional supplements that support hair growth like Nutrafol and also platelet rich plasma injections to boost hair growth and thicken thinning hair. For those looking for more aggressive treatment, there is hair transplantation.

Next concern … eyelid drooping.

A quick treatment that can help open the eyes is Botox. It’s not blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) but it can help. Also, fractionated CO2 laser can tighten that skin but there is some downtime. None with botox!

Another concern…maintaining that masculine jawline.

So, there are a few minimally invasive ways to address this without surgery. First, we have to address if there is a significant double chin. If there is, then debulking that submental or chin fat is necessary. This can be done with Coolsculpting and/or Kybella®. Coolsculpting is a procedure where the fat is drawn into an applicator that cools to freeze the fat. Results are seen 6-12 weeks later and more than one treatment may be necessary. Kybella® is a series of injections into the fat which dissolves the fat over 6-12 weeks as well and may also need more than one treatment. These two treatments can be combined.

If the double chin is minimal, I recommend fillers to redefine the jawline. Hyaluronic fillers are placed in the chin, lower and lateral cheeks, and angle of the jawline to re-drape the jawline into its youthful strong shape. Results are seen immediately and the bruising is usually minimal.

Men can often get away with starting fillers much later than women because they don’t lose volume as early as we do. And another thing … did you ever see any lip lines on your husband or dad? Men don’t get them usually. The hair in their beards acts like struts keeping the skin stretched and in place so it doesn’t fold into itself and cause wrinkles! Another reason to be annoyed at your man!

Finally, skin care.

I know applying a lotion or 2 may add 30-60 seconds to your wash routine but I know you men have it in you. Little tip … gel based topicals are easier to apply to hair-bearing skin. Please use your lady’s sunscreen or ask her to buy you one and please re-apply. And maybe try out her retinol or retinoid at night with her moisturizer. It’s a few extra seconds but she will be happy and isn’t that what’s it’s all about?


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