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This is a scary and unprecedented time we are currently living in … known as the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel the same as most of you. I’m scared about getting the virus and then also spreading the virus unknowingly. (So far, I have been social distancing, wearing PPE with patients, have no known exposures, and have no symptoms!) I’m scared about my parents getting sick. I’m scared that my kids will be the exception that kids don’t get sick from this. I’m scared about my business collapsing and the subsequent financial fallout. I’m scared that my patients will have an urgent issue and go to the ER because they think I am unavailable as my office is currently closed.

I have been home with 3 little kids now for only 6 days and confirmed that I am better off at work because I have no patience for their squabbles and am not an effective grade school teacher so home schooling is not an option for us. I thought I would use this time to catch up on journals and TV shows and books, but mostly I am watching Chu Chu TV (the worst!!!) and taking nature hikes (the best part of my day!!!).

We are all in this together! Everyone is stressed and anxious. Everyone is growing impatient with their children. Everyone is worried that their Amazon® box will infect them with the virus. I hope everyone is frustrated with the lack of leadership and expert guidance from our administration (but I am not going to make this blog political, I promise).

I feel silly posting about cosmetics at this time as it seems so frivolous. However, I have heard from my Instagram followers that I should continue to do so as a distraction. I would love to distract you from our reality for just a few minutes, so I plan to release some blogs and IG posts/stories about skincare and beauty as a hopeful distraction for you. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to hear about since we all have a lot more time on our hands.

For my patients, I am available by telemedicine and in the office for urgent visits or post-operative care on an as needed basis for the time being. I will not abandon you. Please see for information on how to set up a virtual appointment.


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